EDTC Learning Project

Hi my name is H-a-i-l-i-e


This week I learned how to say “Hi my name is Hailie,” and “Nice to meet you.”

I realized:

  • It was harder than I thought to learn a phrase.
  • Its especially hard to learn two phrases and then get all the signs down.
  • I mixed up some of the signs of each phrase
  • Take it nice and easy
  • Practice, Practice, Practice

So here is my video…. excuse my face… not sure why it starts like that! haha

So as you could tell from the video, I did screw up on making my letter “a.” I found it difficult to get all the hand and finger movements right because some of them are quite complicated! I truly think that practice makes perfect in this situation and to just keep trying it until you feel completely comfortable with it.

So I decided to branch away from my app this week and try some videos to learn from. The two videos I used were:

  1. “Greetings in ASL” 
  2. “ASL- nice to meet you” 

I found using the youtube videos were fairly easy as (like the app) I could always go back and rematch the video until I understood it fully. I did watch a few videos to make sure that the signs I was learning were correct!

One really interesting thing I learned while learning how to sign my name was that, someone who isn’t from deaf culture (me) would sign their name with each individual letter. There is such a thing as sign names and this is where a special sign is invented for you personally from someone of the deaf culture. It is typically related to your name somehow and gestures a body movement! Some people have several name signs for them from multiple different deaf communities.


1 thought on “Hi my name is H-a-i-l-i-e”

  1. I like that you posted your realizations while learning. It shows others that are also learning this that it isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows, and that a lot of what they might be feeling while learning something new, others are feeling as well!


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