EDTC 300


So this week I participated in a education chat called #5thchat. When I seen this I assumed it would be content based for grade five (or the upper elementary) but it was actually quite different than I thought. The chat was very centred around student engagement. I really enjoy this topic so I was really excited to do this chat.

Since this was my first chat, I didn’t really know what to expect. Everyone started out by introducing themselves on the chat. I thought this was nice because I was able to get to know lots of other fellow educators. After the introductions, we started out with the first question. Typically when answering each of the questions, I liked to wait for others to respond first, but I didn’t want to get behind so I tried to answer right away. I also found myself, looking at other peoples answers as well, because I was worried my answers wouldn’t be that good as all the other educators were full time teachers. Once I got through the first couple questions, I started to become more comfortable and just gave my honest answers. I even found some people retweeting my answers which was nice.

I found that I actually gained a lot of awesome resources from this ed chat. Since the topic was on engagement, a lot of the questions focused on some ideas of engagement in the classroom. Many of the other educators gave lots of resources and ideas which was really nice. I felt that I was able to give some ideas but not a ton as I haven’t been in the classroom as long. I would definitely do another chat again. I really enjoyed the topic of this chat and did feel comfortable with writing about it.


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