EDTC Learning Project

Colours Galore!

Okay guys, here is my video for this week. I thought I would be neat and add some music too the video this time. I also wanted to switch up my style and do a silent video instead of me talking in the video.

I wasn’t sure as to what to learn this week for my learning project. I decided colours was a good idea because we use colours a lot in everyday life. As I started making this video, I realized that some of the colours were way harder to duplicate than others. I also noticed that when using my “SignSchool” app, some of the colours had more than one sign so I wasn’t sure as to what sign I should use. I will definitely have to do some more research and figure out why there are more than one sign for some colours. Another thing I noticed when learning the signs from the app was that they didn’t have a sign for the colour green. I had to actually turn to youtube and find the sign for green. So Im not too sure why the app didn’t have green on it.

As I was learning the signs, I also noticed that remembering multiple colours was slightly tough. I would forget some of the colours signs, and then have to go back and rewatch the video from the app. I think that the more that I watched the videos, the more I learned the signs as well. On the app, they actually had more than just colours for that topic. They had signs for #dark, #light, #gold and so on. I figured that I didnt want to push it too much and try and learn to much. This week was really fun learning the colours!

If anyone has any ideas for me for next time, feel free to comment. I am always looking for some awesome ideas.


1 thought on “Colours Galore!”

  1. Don’t expect yourself to get it 100% right off the bat! It is like learning any other language, it takes a lot of time and dedication! You are doing great!


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