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youtube is scary….yet amazing

As I was watching the video on youtube, I came to the realization that the world of youtube is scary but also amazing. If you think in a broad sense about what has came from youtube it’s incredible. People have been discovered as amazing talented singers (aka. Justin Bieber). Some have created very negative videos, while others have made people feel amazing and beautiful.

when I first turned to youtube, I was quite young and impressionable. What I first started to watch was makeup artists create tutorials on how to do makeup. This really intrigued me. I started to follow more and more people in the beauty world. This made me really enjoy the world of makeup and aesthetics. I enjoyed it so much that I would go out and get makeup and practice putting it on like the people in the videos. It made me fall in love with youtube because it was the only thing that I typically watched.

On the other hand, youtube has had an immense impact on my life as well. I remember watching the Amanda Todd videos shortly after she killed herself and the media was in a scramble. I remember thinking that her story was so incredibly terrifying and painful. Now to bring it back to the video, I am sure that Amanda Todd’s story got millions of views in a short amount of time. I think its just incredible to realize how our world uses the advances that we have.

We talked in class about how people become famous from youtube or how people can make youtube a place to cry out for help. I remember just recently when Logan Paul put a video on youtube about going to the “suicide forest” in Japan and seeing a man who had just recently committed suicide. The internet was in an absolute frenzy because Logan decided to make this video and not take the fact seriously that a man lost his life and a family lost their child. It just really measures me that our world has changed so much, even since I was a child. Youtube only came out when I was fairly young. There was nothing like this before.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that technology is an amazing thing that we have in todays society. I also believe that what we do with it and how we use it is another story. I believe that technology such as youtube is being integrated into society more and more. As a teacher, I personally think it is my job to help students prepare for the future ahead, and to do this, I think that technology plays a huge role.


1 thought on “youtube is scary….yet amazing”

  1. Youtube is a great way to expand our knowledge, like you said such as makeup tutorials, or diy projects, etc.. but we still need to be careful about what we are viewing, and also about whether these sources are reliable or not (not talking about makeup here lol, more about the world around us).


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