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Our World Is Tech Based

I have come to the realization that technology is a part of our world and it will continue to be. We all know that in the past, technology hasn’t been as prominent as it is now. There was cellphones and computers but what we can do with them now, is completely different from what they could do in the past. Before this class, I was aware that people have a digital citizenship. I am definitely more aware of what it is now, especially from taking this class.

As I was reading the “Digital Citizenship Education in Saskatchewan Schools” article, I understood what it means to have a digital citizenship in the classroom. It really helped me to realize my part as a teacher in teaching digital citizenship and my own part as a digital citizen. There was a quote from this article that really displays the concept of digital citizenship is someone wasn’t sure about it. I really like it because it informs the readers about moving forward in a world based on digital citizenship.

“Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool, it is a way to prepare students for a society full of technology,” by Dr. Mike Ribble.

Reading this quote as made me think about the challenges of teaching digital citizenship in schools. We all know that technology is becoming more evident in schools these days. The thing that I have trouble understanding, is how can we allow our students to develop their own identity through technology. My first thought took me to blog posts because a student can develop their own ideas and thoughts from this. Now that I think about it, students can create their own digital identities in multiple different forms. Blog posts, youtube videos, assignments, and so on. The tough part that I find, is trying to teach this to the younger students. While in my internship, all the students from K-5 had their own chrome book to use. I noticed that the younger students had a harder time logging in and getting on to the chrome books. It took them a significant amount of time to do this. It required a lot of assistance. I do understand that children won’t and don’t always have to create their digital identity through certain technology alone. When working with he younger students, how can we get them to develop their digital citizenship when it is so time consuming. This something that I plan to research and to find out information as it is something that intrigues me.

I seen this picture online and I think it really gives an awesome idea to teaching digital citizenship in the classroom. One thing that I really plan to teach my students are these concepts. I feel that with this world being so technology based, students need to learn the importance of protecting themselves on the internet.

Retrieved from: https://www.heathwood.org/academics/digital-citizenship


1 thought on “Our World Is Tech Based”

  1. That quote is so true.I really agree with your suggestions of how they create their identity through blog posts, youtube, etc… I watch YouTubers and think about how they are portraying themselves and some of them I can tell they understand that the impact they are making online, and others I can definitely tell that they don’t realize the type of footprint they are making! Great post!


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