Structural Racism in Canada

As I was listening to the presentation on Structural Racism, I realized that racism is happening all around us. From small things to large things it still happens. As I look back on my life growing up, I cant really remember a time that I witnessed or experienced racism. To me this seems odd considering racism happens on a daily basis in Saskatchewan and Canada. I have heard of different racism events that have happened in Canada, but I have never actually experienced on myself. When I write this, I know that I never experience racism or probably never will because of my colour and my background. I am a white settler and so therefor the chances of me experiencing being discriminated against are slim to none.

As the group was presenting about Ken Cheveldayoff, It made me think of our leaders in this country. We need leaders who are willing to address the structural racism in Saskatchewan and Canada. We need leaders who won’t shy away from tough topics because they are afraid. This has been said many times before, but I strongly believe that education is the key to success and change. We as teachers need to educate our students at critically young ages about our country and province that we live in.