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What do you do if a parent doesn’t agree with your teaching?

Okay so going off of my title here, I actually had the experience of dealing with parents that didn’t necessarily agree with something you did in the classroom. I did my internship in a small town where everyone knew everyone! When this situation came up, my cooperating teacher was with me at the time. If I had any advice for a new teacher who is talking to a parent or guardian, is to keep it calm and friendly. With my situation (I don’t want to go into too much detail), the parents expressed their concern and my coop teacher and I expressed our feelings to the parents. It was a great thing for me to see as it was a really awesome learning opportunity for me! In the end, all was well and the parents and I (with my coop as well) worked together to come up with a plan together.

Seriously though, the best piece of advice I could give anyone in a situation similar to that (and my coop would agree because she told me these) is:

  1. Stay calm and be friendly- it does NOT help the situation if you get defensive or upset
  2. Talk through the situation together- ask another teacher for advice if need be.
  3. Make sure the parents or guardians know you want to help in any way that you can
  4. Keep the contact open- never make the parent/guardian feel like they cant contact you
  5. Create a plan of action if possible- I think this just shows that you are willing to help the child

A lot of these ideas I also got from “How Teachers Can work With 5 Difficult Types of Parents”

So Amy, Madi and I created a dialogue together where a parent has concerns for the teacher regarding her son using the app Mathletics.  Here is our dialogue that we created:

EDTC CONVERSATION (note: I put it on a word document so it wouldn’t take up my entire post)

Also, I used Mathletics in my classroom for internship and the students L-O-V-E-D it! If your not sure why mathletics is so awesome then check out this link to a website where it explains it all!



1 thought on “What do you do if a parent doesn’t agree with your teaching?”

  1. I love that advice you gave! Staying calm is especially important because it will only escalate the situation otherwise. I read Madi’s post on the dialogue and you guys did a FANTASTIC job! The approach was soft, helpful, and informative! Awesome work!


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