Guess what I did for Canada’s 150th Celebration!

Okay so I have never heard of the app “plickers” before and I will most definitely be using it in the future! Thanks to group eight for sharing that awesome teaching tidbit with everyone!

Before this presentation, I really had no understanding of how Canada’s 150th celebration could have been considered as controversial! I just thought that celebrating Canada was such a wonderful idea. I find that I am way more aware of my surroundings and the racism that happens in this country from taking this class. For example, after the cultural appropriation presentation, I seen this EVERYWHERE! I was hyper aware of my surroundings and what was going on. The thing about this presentation that really resonated with me was the question, “Who’s story is being told.” This really made me think about the “western” viewpoint of Canada’s 150th Celebration.

From listening to this presentation, I have come to the realization and acceptance that I can celebrate Canada day while still being culturally responsive. I think a big part of this is to be aware of my white settler background and the part that I play as an educator. I also realize now that it is more than just being ‘aware.’ I think it is about ‘doing’ as well. I need to take the time in my classroom and in my everyday life to understand these ideas such as why Canada Day could be considered controversial!

The 150 Acts of Reconciliation website is something that I have never actually seen before. I think it is an awesome resource for anyone to look at and understand what you (as a Canadian) can do to be an active citizen! As I was looking through it, there was so many different options to chose from. What I gathered from the document is that anyone can do these things! Take the time to educate yourself and to be a critical citizen.

Ps. I went to a parade and a street dance for Canada’s 150th Celebration. Next year, I will be more critical of myself as a culturally responsive educator!


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