Trip to Fort Quappelle

Our field Trip to Fort QuAppelle and Lebret were so awesome. Like many others, I wasnt sure what to first expect when heading to Fort QuAppelle but shortly after we arrived, I realized that being there was such an amazing experience for me. I am typically a very anxious person and so to do these field trips has never been something that I look foward to. I get so worried about forgetting something or not having something that I may need. In our circle talk at the end of the day at the Governance Center Tipi, I explained that I am such an organized person, so that when things didnt go as perfectly planned during the day, it made me a bit uneasy. I am definitely trying to work on that but I also realized that things dont need to be set in stone for it to be an awesome experience. In teaching, I have definitely realized that things DO NOT go as planned all the time and to be prepared for that and to realize that it’s okay. I feel like as an educator, I have to be willing to accept change and I am definitely working on that!

Arriving at the museum was really cool. Im not typically into museums but I genuinly found it really interesting! The man and woman that worked there were so helpful in telling us stories and describing things to us. The women (sorry I am blanking on her name), and a group of us talked about the wedding dresses that the women used to wear at that time. This to me was a really cool thing to learn about. I guess because I have always been interested in the fashion aspect of history. I learned that the dresses were quite tiny and talking about them and their significance was something that really intreagued me! The next thing that I did was the treaty walk. Ive never got to experience anything like this before so I am glad I got the oppertunity to do it. I think it really just made me think of my own miskasowin. I also didnt realize that we would have a script for the treaty walk but I rather enjoyed it. It gave me information and great ideas if I was to do a treaty walk myself. I think my favourite part was stopping at the flags first and taking a look into why they are so significant. I really think that by doing that, it gave me a jump start into the entire treaty walk.

Next we had lunch at the school which was really delicious! I thought the idea of bringing your own plates and cutlery to the school was a great idea. I loved the logic behind it and the idea that we are guests in this town and that we need to be respectful towards the town.

After lunch was the talk with Wendell. I will be completely honest, I think that being outside and standing for over an hour made my experience a bit hindered. I really enjoyed listening to Wendell but many times I couldnt hear him so I wasnt able to hear all of his ideas. The offering through the fire was a great experience though. I loved that Wendell got us all the say our own heritage and culture because it made me feel like he was acknowledging me as a person. Lastly, was the circle talk at the Governance Center Tipi which by the way is WOW! What an amazing place to be in! The beauty of the tipi took my breath away. I know that in class, we have done a lot of debreafing circles in the past. I really got a sense of why a debreafing circle at the end of the day is such a great idea. Everyone was able to share their experiences and give eachother (as colleagues and classmates) and understanding of what they learned. I think to me, its so important because we can all share together in a safe environment where we support eachother. I love to hear other peoples thoughts and I think that part of being a teacher is to listen to your colleagues. Doing the debreafing is doing that and sharing ideas.

Overall, the entire day was so awesome. I really wish we could have gone to the healing center but I do understand that things happen. It just means that I will have to go back and see it myself! Overall, this experience really gave me a understanding of the importance of Treaty education! I am going to be a teacher and this stuff is so incredibly important. I can take this information and use it in my classroom for my students to discover their miskasowin.


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