EDTC 300

Summary of learning video

Hey guys, I created this video using powtoon. It was a really fun project to do and I would highly reccommend it.  I did find that this project took a while to create but it was really awesome and fun!

So check out my video and watch my summary of learning project that sums up what I and my fellow classmates have done this semester!

EDTC 300

Final Networked Learning Post

This course for this semester was so great! I came into this class not reallying having a large knowledge of technology and what a digital identity was. After this class, I feel like I have such a larger idea of what digital identity is and how to be a proffessional online. This semester I was also able to work with a bunch of other awesome coworkers and fellow students. It was really great to learn online and still have awesome communication with everyone in the class.

So this post talks about “how I have contributed to the learning of others.”

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Throughout this semester, I have tried to really keep an open mind about technology and my own online identity. I really want to help others and help with making their digital identity the best one yet! Below is some of the ways that I have contributed to the learning of other students and even teachers.

Commenting on blogs: 

Here is a word document with some of the screenshots that I have taken for when I comment on other peoples blog in this class. At the beginning of the semester, I definitely slacked at commenting on other peoples blogs. I think as the semester has gone on, I have tried to comment more and more. Like my twitter, I like to comment a few times in a day every few days. I find it easier and more managable for my schedule!

I think that commenting on other peoples blogs is such an important way to communicate with other students and fellow coworkers. It gives me the chance to understand different methods of learning and ideas for my teaching career. I really like that I got so many nice and helpful comments on my blog posts and so I really tried to comment on other peoples posts with kind and genuine thoughts.



When it comes to twitter, I have really tried to tweet lots. I typically dont tweet every single day. My routine is that I would take a day every few days or so and tweet several times in that day. It is really the only way that worked for me because I found that I was super busy this semester.

Check out my twitter @HailieLogan to see all the different resources I have shared. There are so many that I have gotten from facebook and then reposted to twitter. I love to have conversations with other students about the resources they find. I have also participated in a couple ed chats which I found to be super helpful and resourceful. My favourite resources that I have shared lot’s of times is called @WeAreTeachers. They have such great ideas! Ps. check out @WeAreTeachers on facbeook for lots of cool resources as well.

Google Plus: 

I really liked using Google Plus this semester to keep in contact with others. I have commented lots of times making sure my fellow classmates have an answer. I have definitely made posts on there myself a lot of times asking questions. I find it is so helpful and useful as I can ask any question or post something for everyone to see.

Thanks so much to all my fellow classmates and Katia for this awesome course! I truly have learned so from Katia, and all my classmates and about the world of technology!

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EDTC Learning Project

Learning ASL- Final Assignment Post

Hey everyone!

I cant believe we are at the end of this semester and finalizing up some assignments and the courses! This semester learning ASL as my learning project has been really incredible. I feel like I have really expanded my knowledege as a teacher and learner from this class. Coming into this class, I had a basic knowledge of technology and even ASL. I have learned a few ASL words from when I worked in a daycare. I was able to learn a few basic words and teach them to my daycare toddlers so that we could mainly communicate during meal times.

I have used a variety of websites, apps and twitter followers to get all my information for my learning project.

Week 1: Lets Get to Learning

  • In this weeks blog post, I really just explain what project I am going to do.

I came to the conclusion that I wanted to learn ASL for two reasons:

1) I think learning this may be useful in my next years of teaching and 2) ASL is a special form of communication for a wide range of people around the world.

I started with downloading a variety of apps, as well as setting goals for each week. Some of these goals were met, and some were not!

Week 2: Watch me Struggle to Remember the Alphabet 

In this weeks learning post, I did actually learn the full alphabet in ASL.

My video was posted to youtube.

Week 3: Hi my name is H-A-I-L-I-E 

In this weeks video, I learned how to finger spell my name. Here is my video so you guys can rewatch it if you want to. I also just used Photobooth on my mac to create this video and then I uploaded it to youtube.

I also explained a bit about the process, saying that it was harder than I thought to learn a phrase.

Week 4: Colours Galore

This week I learned how to sign some different colours. My video link is here to watch it again.

Wow was this post difficult because I had to memorize all the different colours and the different signs to go with them!

Week 5: the importance of deal culture 

This week, I wont lie to you, I was feeling a bit sluggish and didnt feel like creating a video so I learned a bit about deaf culture instead. Which I still believe is important because I dont think its appropriate to just want to use sign language without knowing its importance. I used Healthy Hearing to research the importance of deaf culture. I also used Start ASL- deaf culture to learn about Signing and deaf culture.

In this post, I then gave some facts about deaf culture.

Week 6: Surprise! 

This week I decided to take things in a new direction and surprise my roommates with some ASL phrases that I have been learning. Here is the video for it. I found this weeks post probably the most fun out of them all because I was able to do the learning with my friends and have fun with it.

week 7: Get your ASL in Gear 

This week, I learned some new ASL sign but in phrases. I must say that this weeks was a tough one because I learned multiple different phrases and so I had to remember each phrase and each sign to go with them. I also created a fun video this week using I-movie so I found this weeks to be a fun week also. Video.

Week 8: Mid Semester Blues 

So I think my heading says it all because during this week, I was so run down and exhausted. Even though this was the case, I was still able to create another video using Screen Castify. The video talks about different resources you can find for learning ASL along with all the different websites and videos I used in the video.

Week 9: Kick that ASL in the Class. 

In this weeks learning post, I learned a ton of different classroom signs. I really enjoyed this one because I was able to play around with the video editing portion and create a cool video using Videorama. Here is the link to this video. 

Week 10: A story about my family 

This is the last learning post for the semester. I wanted to end the semester with a nice video on family signs because I feel like I have had so much support from my family these last four years of my degree. so here is my video link where you will see me sign some cool family signs in a cool video used on Adobe Clip.

Here is a list of all the apps that I used to create my videos: 

As I was going through each of my posts for this project post, I realized that my first few blog posts were very boring and lame! As the weeks went by I tried to experiement more with my videos and making my blog posts a fun and exciting place. I want people to read them so I had to make them interesting.

I also would say that this learning project is such a fantastic idea for students in university and students in a classroom in elementary, middle school or high school. I will definitely be taking this idea and transfering it to my own classroom some day. I also think that the process of doing this learning project is really great to show students. I was able to look back at all my posts and realize how far I have come and all the different things that I have learned!

So here we have it! The final assignment is almost done. Thank you to all my fellow classmates and Katia for making this semester such a cool and exciting one. I have learned so much about some seriously cool apps and websites. I also felt like I learned a lot about cyberbullying with Carol Todd and about myself as a online educator.




EDTC Learning Project

A story about my family!

This week is something new as per usual. I decided to learn signs this week about family. This weeks learning post was pretty easy. I basically just watched a video on youtube, learned those signs, created my story and recorded it. Bing Bang Boom Done!

I decided to do family signs this week with it being the last week of school left. I feel like I have been so supported lately by my family and so I wanted to learn some signs about the most important people in my life.

The video that I used to memeorize the signs was called “Family Signs in ASL,” on youtube. I found that this was an awesome video because he goes over the signs multiple times nice and slowly. I would highly reccomend anyone follow his youtube channel.

I used the app “Adobe Clip” to create the videos. I basically recorded each clip by itself and then put them together in the correct order on the app. It is such an easy app to use and super user friendly. I also added music to my video right from the app. You click the Music icon at the top and it will give you a bunch of different options. Pick your choice and it will insert it into the video wherever you want. You can also choose how loud you want it on your video. Mine has talking so I didnt want to drown out my talking with the music!

So here is my video

Ps. Ive been having trouble lately with getting my video directly onto the post so you will just have to go watch it on youtube. Sorry guys!



EDTC 300

I have an Itch for Coding!

So I will be completely honest, before even talking about Coding in class, I seriously had no idea what that even was about. I think Im still not 100% sure what it is but I feel like I have a way better understanding of it for sure.

So I tried Scratch! When I first tried this program, I really wasnt sure what to expect. I tried a couple games  but still wasnt totally conviced at why coding was important. The first game that I tried was called “Banana Time.”

I first tried this game and thought it was decently fun and easy. You move the monkey around and try to catch the bananas. You must watch out for the pineapples though or its game over.

The second game that I tried was called Snowflake Galaxy. To be completely honest, I still do not get the point of this game, so if someone knows, please let me know and we can maybe figure it out together!

So I tried some games on scratch and Im still not convinced as to what coding is all about. I went to the “This is why kids need to learn to code,” website and it gave me a small understanding of what coding is. It basically told me that “coding is the ability to read and write a machine language as well as to think computationally.” Okay so Im starting to understand a bit more about coding. I also really enjoyed that this website gave three awesome reasons as to why kids should learn to code. The three reasons were:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. (Digital) confidence
  3. Understanding the world

Im totally one of those learners that need to know the “why” of things and so I think this website really helped me to understand the importance of coding. At this point, Im understanding a bit more but I still have some questions about coding and how its used in daily life.

I finally found my answer on “Computer Science Education Week.” I first got onto this website and watched a short 5 minute video that I felt explained coding so perfectly! It gave so many real life examples of how people use coding to create things for our world. For example, one woman talked about fashion. You wouldnt think that creating clothing and brands and websites would involve coding but it does. All the websites you go on and find clothes are created by coding. Mark Zuckerberg created facebook by using coding strategies. This gave me such a better understanding of coding and why/how its used in our world today. I can now take this information and pass it onto my students.