EDTC Learning Project

A story about my family!

This week is something new as per usual. I decided to learn signs this week about family. This weeks learning post was pretty easy. I basically just watched a video on youtube, learned those signs, created my story and recorded it. Bing Bang Boom Done!

I decided to do family signs this week with it being the last week of school left. I feel like I have been so supported lately by my family and so I wanted to learn some signs about the most important people in my life.

The video that I used to memeorize the signs was called “Family Signs in ASL,” on youtube. I found that this was an awesome video because he goes over the signs multiple times nice and slowly. I would highly reccomend anyone follow his youtube channel.

I used the app “Adobe Clip” to create the videos. I basically recorded each clip by itself and then put them together in the correct order on the app. It is such an easy app to use and super user friendly. I also added music to my video right from the app. You click the Music icon at the top and it will give you a bunch of different options. Pick your choice and it will insert it into the video wherever you want. You can also choose how loud you want it on your video. Mine has talking so I didnt want to drown out my talking with the music!

So here is my video

Ps. Ive been having trouble lately with getting my video directly onto the post so you will just have to go watch it on youtube. Sorry guys!




2 thoughts on “A story about my family!”

  1. Hi Hailie, I too for some reason was struggling uploading my YouTube videos to my blog, but discovered if you paste the URL into the add URL tab rather than the YouTube tab it works. I think this is a great post and something very important to learn when teaching students, I did ASL as my learning project and find that I jumped all over, and didn’t really have an control over the madness. Your blog seems really organized and I really appreciate it!


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