EDTC 300

Summary of learning video

Hey guys, I created this video using powtoon. It was a really fun project to do and I would highly reccommend it.  I did find that this project took a while to create but it was really awesome and fun!

So check out my video and watch my summary of learning project that sums up what I and my fellow classmates have done this semester!


3 thoughts on “Summary of learning video”

  1. Hailie, I really enjoyed your video, it put a fun and cute spin on some informative stuff. I decided after watching this video that I would try Powtoon, and it is a pretty easy program – but you definitely discovered different potentials than I did, so great work. I really like all of your different backgrounds, people, and features like the pencil. You had some really great information in this video was well. Good work!


  2. Hey Hailie
    I know i could have done more in the way of mentoring you this semester, i have a hard time trying to find things to say when i feel you are posting better then me lol. I really enjoyed reading your posts, you had great use of mems and videos as well as links on your blog posts. I was also so happy to see that you were learning ASL this semester. As i had said in a previous comment I wish that is what i had done for my learning project. I have always really been attracted to ASL as a language and feel it needs to be introduced as a University course. Great work this semester, and congratulations on being done!


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