Instructional Strategies

  1. INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: Teaching to the students needs and interests is something that I strongly believe in. I try to use creative instructional strategies that the students will have fun with.




These models were something that I used in University as a way to spark students interest with a variety of instructional strategies.

Here are some from this model that I use in my classroom:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Assigned Questions
  3. Open Discussion
  4. Cooperative Learning- pairs, small and large groups
  5. Role Play/skits
  6. Research Report
  7. Workbooks
  8. Handouts
  9. Questioning
  10. Games
  11. Model building
  12. Project work
  13. Jigsaw
  14. Concept mapping
  15. cut and glue activities
  16. games


2. ENGAGEMENT: I strongly believe that engaging students is so critical. Here are some ways that I have engaged students in my teaching:

  • experimentsthis particular experiment that we did was all about the human brain! We have been learning about the brain in health, I then created jello brains and the students had to “operate” on the brains.

  • relating content to their lives
  • games (add pictures of phonics, etc).

  • competition
  • having fun (I love to get my students excited about a topic by showing them how excited I am about that topic)
  • get them moving through songs and dances (ex. vowel song, the music show, Jack Hartmans subitize. 
  • Working with hands on materials (here is an example of my kindergarten students working with letters to learn cvc words.
  • Art (drawing, painting, using playdoh etc.)