Philosophy of Education

It is my belief that educating youth allows for children to learn the necessary skills and practices to live a successful life. I wish for them to be able to develop mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally by having a positive schooling experience. I also have a strong belief that teaching is a highly valued profession as there are so many intricate decisions and ideas that go into planning and creating lessons for students to learn. All children should have the opportunity to learn through a variety of diverse and meaningful practices.

I believe that one of the most important aspects of teaching is to know and understand how your students learn. There will be diverse learners in the classroom and the teacher should know and use those diversities to plan and create meaningful and engaging lessons. Without understanding students learning styles, one cant plan these effective lessons that engage students. After all, I believe engagement in lessons is essential for effective learning. Teachers must also adapt lessons to their students needs and interests. This may be done by modifying the classroom setting for the teaching style of the teacher.

Students should also have the opportunity to learn in a safe and calm environment. This classroom environment should enhance student thought, creativity and engagement. Being inclusive towards all students by creating an inclusive environment is also a strong belief of mine. One key component to a safe classroom environment is for the teacher to be a positive role model to the students. Children model adults behaviour, therefor I believe the teacher needs to have a positive and enthusiastic attitude for the students to lead by. Teachers should also help guide and mentor the students in the correct direction, because students are the ones that should facilitate and lead the learning that is created in the classroom.

Learning through doing is also a very strong belief of mine. The classroom is filled with diverse and unique learners, therefor I feel that I need to create lessons that the students will be engaged in. Creating lessons that the students can relate to is also essential as it gives the students real life ideas.

Another aspect of learning is assessment of course. Without assessment, teachers wouldn’t be able to fully understand what the students are understanding or learning. After all, what is the point of learning if the teacher cant see what the student is learning? There are many different types of assessment that can be used in the classroom. I strongly believe that assessment can be integrated into daily lessons as a part of learning in interesting ways. Tests and exams are not the only evaluations that can be linked to assessment.

In conclusion, education is such an important aspect of young lives. School should be an encouraging, exciting and positive experience for students. This can be done through engaging lessons, a safe classroom environment and having positive role models. Every student deserves to be given an environment that enhances their learning.

Here is a link to my assessment philosophy that I have created: 

Assessment Philosophy