Professional Growth

During the three and a half months of my internship, I decided to keep a professional reflection sheet so that I could reflect on what I thought I could do differently and what could have been changed in lessons. After I taught a lesson, I would write down what happened in the lesson and what went right, and what could have been changed for next time.

As a future educator, I think it is so important to reflect on our practices and what we do on a daily basis. Here is the reflection piece I used:

Reflection Piece

During my internship, I also decided that I would take the professional development pieces that I have created and make them even better. I created a sheet of many of the developments I have used and explained how I could improve those developments even more.

Here is the sheet I created:

Internship Goal Growth Sheet

Another thing that I have recently done to improve my own personal growth is by keeping a journal. At the beginning of the year, I purchased a small notebook and have been writing in it ever since. I store all my ideas for next time and the things that have worked or may not have worked so well. It allows me to reflect on my teaching and think about things that I can do differently. Here is my journal that I keep all my ideas in: