Here are some summative assessments that I used in my internship:

  • Choice Assignments
  • Interviews
  • Research projects of students interests
  • Class video
  • Pamphlets, press, powerpoint, posters etc.
  • Songs or raps
  • Poems
  • Creating booklets
  • Quiz
  • Inquiry Projects
  • Collages

During my internship, I used a variety of summative assessments with my grade 1-5 students. As I mentioned before, I was mostly with the grade 3-5’s, therefor most of these assessments are focused for upper elementary.

Differentiated Maps Quiz: 

Note: Here I have created three different quizzes on a mapping unit for my grade 3-5’s. The first quiz I created was for two students who needed that extra support. The second quiz was created for some of my grade three and four students. Lastly, the third quiz was created for my grade five students. I created three different quizzes as I expected different things from each grade. I wouldn’t expect my grade three students to do the exact same work as my grade five students therefor I differentiated them to the students needs.


Note: Click on the bullet points to download each quiz.