EDTC 300

Multiple Online Identities

What really strikes me is the fact that it seems odd if someone isn’t online. But in the world that we live in, it is odd because we have technology that surrounds us. We have talked a lot in class about how technology is a great resource for teachers (and others in general) to explore their digital identity. Theres Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and so on. I was reading the second article that was assigned to us. It was called “Having multiple online identities is more normal than you think,” by Nicole Lee. This article for me really hit the nail on the head about technology and the online identity world. She explains that each social media account is used for different things. “Twitter is for goofing around.” Well not for me but you get the point. “Facebook is for keeping in touch with family and friends.” This really made me realize that I 100% do this as well. I use my Facebook to mostly keep in contact with family.

She also goes on on to talk about people have different identities for different accounts. Instagram especially is made to share photos of what your ‘ideal’ life would look like. I also read the first article called “Split Image,” by Kate Fagan. In one section of the article it explains that Madison Hollerand had created a world just from Instagram. I don’t think that people realize that these pictures that we post on Instagram aren’t what our real lives look like. Would anyone really want to see a picture of me crying today from stress over a class? Probably not. But thats my point. People don’t typically post real life authentic photos. Like the second article said, they post photos that they think people want and what people will like. People want those likes on Instagram. Im not afraid to admit that I am one of those people. But from reading these articles, I now know that the pictures that I post aren’t my real life. I want to be a more honest digital citizen and share things from my life that are real and authentic. I feel sad that Madison Hollerand took her own life. I feel sad that our world is so absorbed in the negatives of social media.

As a teacher, I think it is so important to recognize my place on social media and as a digital citizen. My digital identity is important to show in an authentic way. Even on things like twitter, I can be more conscious and real about what I am posting. My digital identity is important as I am a part of this world.