EDTC Learning Project

Get Your ASL in Gear!


The process of learning ASL has been a lot more complicated than I actually expected. I find it difficult to know what to learn each week in an organized way. I almost wish their was an app or website that tells you exactly what to learn week by week to make you fluent in ASL. I have definitely learned that for a person to learn ASL, it takes a considerable amount of time. I don’t even think I have cracked 0.0002% of ASL culture! This “Fluent in 3 months” website actually gives an awesome insight into all the different things that people need to take into consideration when learning ASL. I think as a teacher, I even find it hard to organize the content and figure out what to learn first and then what comes next etc. I definitely plan on keeping learning ASL and trying new things!

Here are 5 reasons from the website “eLearning Industry” that describes why Learning Sign Language is so important! Check it out!

This week:

As my video states, this week I did something a bit new and different than the previous weeks. I try and keep things a bit interesting for my readers! Like teaching, no one wants to learn something the same exact way every time… Boring! So this week to create my learning project, I researched some common ASL phrases. The first website that came up was called, “Signing Savvy.” It was an awesome website that gave me several different phrases and a video to go with each phrase which I found very helpful. I then picked a phrase, learned it and took pictures of myself creating that sign. When I put the pictures all together in IMovie, it made one long video! Ps. I use I-movie for most of my videos and I love it! So easy to add your own music and create videos!

I created three total ASL phrases in the video! The first one was from Signing Savvy and it says, “I am learning Sign Language.” The second one was from the website “Start ASL” and I signed “My name is ¬†Hailie.” The third one was from the website “Life Print” and I signed, “Today is Sunday.” So all those signs are in the order of the video in case you wanted to follow along! Hope you enjoy!

Ps. I am in no way an expert when it comes to signing so I may do something wrong unintentionally! After all, this is a “learning” project!

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